Learning German with personal training deutsch, students

At personal training deutsch, everything is all about you”


I will base the lessons on your current level of knowledge, individual learning objectives, and the time you have available.
I do not offer standard courses, but tailored private lessons and mini group courses for up to 4 people. 
As your personal trainer, I will share with you the delights of the German language. A cheerful atmosphere and developing a close, friendly relationship with my students are particularly important to me, since experience has shown time and again that we learn better if we have fun while we do so. I work with a wide range of aids and media. I adapt or prepare the lesson materials to suit your requirements, and this is a task I allow myself a lot of time for.
Homework also benefits the learning process, and I am happy to correct it. Of course, it is up to you to decide if you have the time for it. I prepare my students for tests using specific textbooks and original tests.  
My lessons are lively and entertaining. Current topics, games, audio texts, applied grammar, extending your reading ability and vocabulary, reality-based writing, speaking and reading events such as emails, presentations and dialogue training are just some of the things we will do. Experiencing success is encouraging, and will enable you to interact with native speakers.  
Please contact me for a free trial lesson.